Top 5 Reasons to Clean

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
There are five main reasons people clean their upholstery and window coverings. Are some more important than others? Should you have your draperies, shades and upholstery cleaned even before they “look” soiled?
Reason #1: Events
Perhaps you have a party coming up. Are you hosting guests?  The holidays are approaching and its time to decorate. Don’t wait until the last minute to tackle it all. Maintaining clean upholstery and window coverings will save you time, money and headaches so you can enjoy your company.
Reason #2: Visible Soil
The second common reason for cleaning is if there is visible soil. Do you have pets or small
children? Whether your furnishings are stained or overall dusty, the look is unsightly. Many times waiting until something is visibly soiled is too late! Remember: Stains and spots can become permanent! Cleaning your textiles BEFORE they show visible soil will prevent and eliminate the yuck that bonds to the fibers.
Reason #3: Maintenance
This is the best reason to clean! Protect your investment by properly caring for your draperies, shades, blinds and upholstery. It will dramatically prolong their life, giving you many more years of enjoyment. Plus, it will look and smell clean all the time.
Reason #4: Health
This is also a great reason to clean. Do you have dust allergies? Did you know that your window
coverings act as a “flter”. They catch pollens, bacteria, insecticides and many other contaminants that are airborne or
carried in. Many of these contaminants cannot be removed with simple dusting or vacuuming. Having professional cleaning done regularly will refresh the air in your home helping relieve allergies.
Reason #5: Problem Solving
Occasionally something happens to a textile causing you to believe it is ruined. It can often be corrected through professional cleaning.
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